Friday, March 1, 2013

A Word from Rita

The Master Artist: Have You Seen His Work?

By Rita Sullivan

I am always on the lookout to catch a glimpse of the Master Artist's work for He has promised that everyone who seeks will find and the door will be opened to everyone who knocks, a paraphrase of the scripture found in Matthew 7:8. I make up part of the "everyone" in this paraphrased verse and so do you. I took the Master Artist at His word and sought Him out. I knocked on the door and as He opened it I saw some of His artwork masterpieces. 

I have often said to friends and family as I gazed on His artwork, "The Master Artist is painting again. Oh, how beautiful! Look at those perfectly blended colors!" In those spectacular moments of awe and wonder, to say that I act like a little child who has been left loose to go exploring in a candy store would be an understatement.
I would like to encourage you to also take The Master Artist at His word, seek Him out. Ask Him to open the door that you have been knocking on. He will not disappoint, but fill your heart until it overflows with His wondrous beauty. His artwork masterpieces abound in every city, country, neighborhood and town on this blue planet we call earth.
I pray that each of us may open our eyes to see the Master Artist’s work. We can be looking at nature or ourselves in the mirror. You, my friends, are His greatest masterpiece of all! Each of us has faults and quirks and also experience joys and sorrows. In this we share a common bond for we are human. But take heart my friends, for each of us are a daily work in progress! As we allow the Master Artist to paint His tapestry of brilliant colors across the canvas of our hearts, we’ll have a deeper understanding that The Master Artist will continue His work in us until the day when Christ Jesus returns, Philippians 1:6 (paraphrased).
The more often we allow the stroke of His paintbrush to brush our lives, the more we are transformed into the image of Christ.
The more we are transformed, the greater our joy will be in Christ.
The greater our joy in Him, the more opportunity we’ll have to see the Master Artist’s work shining through our creations in Christ.
The more the Master Artist’s work shines through our creations in Christ, the more we lift Christ up for others to see Him.
The more Christ is lifted up, the greater opportunity The Master Artist is given to draw all men, women and children to Him, so that all may be free to know The Master Artist.
 Have you seen His work?
A word from Rita is a monthly column, written by the Create in Christ team captain Rita Sullivan. Rita says, however, that she is only a co-captain. Christ is the Head Captain. CIC is His team.


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  1. NIcely done! Beautiful pictures and inspiring words. I have a thing for sheep so I particularly loved that shot. Thanks gals- Cindee