Monday, March 4, 2013

Photographer hopes to bring encouragement

Happy Monday, everyone! Today we are visiting with Lynn of Sunrise, Florida who owns PraiseAndPromises. Lynn opened her shop in January 2012 and hopes that she can be an encouragement to everyone who stops by. 

How did you find Etsy?My aunt told me about Etsy a few years ago. It took me a while before opening a shop but when I did she was my first customer.
When you began creating, how did it enrich your life? Do you recall the inspiration for your first creation?

I started drawing when I was very, very young. My inspiration? It was Barbie, the doll. Then I went on to sewing. Then on to painting, polymer clay, making jewelry - and on and on it went and still goes.

About three years ago I heard a story about a young man who was raised Christian but was living a wild life. His "friends" threw him out of the car and left him to die. Then, God’s word that was planted in him as a child came back to him and he cried out to Jesus. Miraculously, he was rescued, physically and spiritually.

I knew right then that God wanted me to plant his seeds. But how? It came to me to put scripture on photographs. But I did not have any worthy to be wall art. So my family "donated" a bunch. I had never taken pictures as an art. My husband took me to Butterfly world, Lion Country Safari and ZooMiami. We took hundreds of pictures. Insects and animals do not pose for people. But God gave us quite a few incredible pictures. These pictures are God’s art and I add his word to them.

And so, Praise and Promises Etsy shop was created with the hope of encouraging others with God's word and God’s art. To God be the glory! Amen.

Where can members find your creations on other social media venues? Facebook? Pinterest? Twitter? Wanelo?

On Facebook.

What areas would you like to learn more about here on Etsy, such as photography, writing descriptions and listing titles, etc.?

I would like to learn about different ways to get found on Etsy. A big thanks to Rita for her article, Wednesday’s News and Tips Key Words, on Wednesday, February 27.


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