Monday, February 4, 2013

Photographer's shop is symbol of her hope

Today, we're visiting with Kim from RoadAheadPhotos. Kim is from Rio Rancho, New Mexico and has owned her Etsy shop since January 11, 2012.

How did you hear about Etsy?

I had a couple of friends who were selling on Etsy. Namingly my friend Hannah from BananaOrangeApple
who was a wonderful encourager in getting me started will my own shop!
When you began creating how did it enrich your life? Do you recall inspiration from your first creation?
I have always taken pictures -  from the time I was old enough to hold a camera. I took photography classes in college and taught dark room photography at summer classes. It was always something that brought me joy :) After going through my fourth job lay off in May of 2011 I went through a really tough time of finding a job and wondering what kind of plan God had for me next. Before this time, I had always been posting my photos on my personal facebook page and everyone was constantly telling me I should consider selling them. My mom and I had been taking vacations together every summer and the summer of 2011 I almost said no, I didn't think I could go knowing how uncertain my future was. Well, I ended up going anyway . . . my mom and I went to California to stay in my cousins beach house for a few weeks. One day while out walking (with my camera) I sat down underneath the Huntington Beach pier. I had just had a long conversation with God and at that time I didn't see much hope. When I looked up this is what I saw . . .

I knew right then that there was a light at the end of my tunnel and hope for my future! I just felt overwhelming peace. When I got home I started organzing my photos and opened my Etsy shop in January of 2012. This photo "underneath the Huntington Beach pier" was the first one I added to my shop and is still my very favorite :)

Where can others find your work?

I can be found on facebook!
right here on etsy!

and I also have my own blog where I often share my creations and what God is doing in my life!

I am also very fond of Pinterest!

What area would you like to learn more about here on Etsy, such as photography, writing descriptions and listing titles and so on . . .

Hmmmm I feel like I am constantly learning. I'm not afraid to ask what tags work the best? Do I need to change this photo? I would like to continue to learn how to better promote my items.


  1. I have been a recipient of some of Kim's work and she does a beautiful job. Great post on a great artist.

  2. I love the intimacy in Kim's work. She truly has a gift.

  3. Kim's photos are beautiful, and her heart is even more so.

  4. It was so touching to read about Kim's journey as RoadAheadPhotos, and the name really fits. Her work is beautiful, and the photos are not your everyday landscape and still life photos.

  5. Thank you so much for the blog feature! It's an honor :)