Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day story exemplifies love

Valentine's Day is now over, but do you know its origins? In the year 270, Roman emperor Claudius outlawed marriage in  the empire. He believed that Roman men were not signing up for the army because they loved their wives and families too much. A priest named Valentine rebelled against this edict and continued to marry couples in secret. When Claudius found this out, he had Valentine dragged  before him and eventually beheaded. According to, legend has it that just before Valentine was executed, he sent a note to the jailer's daughter whom he had befriended. The note said "From your Valentine."

No one is sure of who gave Valentine's Day its name. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, there were three St. Valentines who were all martyred around February 14; however, the priest who married young couples provides a wonderful example of love for God and people.




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