Monday, April 22, 2013

Mixed media artist inspired by scripture, music

Today we are visiting with Sierra Mahaffy of Whitewood, South Dakota. Sierra opened Sierra Mahaffy Art on October 21, 2012.
1. How did you find Etsy?

I was first introduced to Etsy by my sister. She used to have an Etsy shop where she sold her crafts and did quite well!  Also, an online e-course that I took highly recommended Etsy, stating it's "the most recognized online venue around the world for selling handmade items".

2. When you began creating, how did it enrich your life? Do you recall the inspiration for your first creation?

I have always been a very "creative" person. I love to doodle, draw, crochet, make crafts, paint, paint faux finishes on walls etc.,  I have a "need" for those creative outlets!  They are a way that I get some quiet "me" time and I do a lot of thinking and talking to God during this time ... which I believe makes me a better person, inside and out! 


What has inspired me to paint and sell my artwork? I started taking an online mixed media class and decided to create a canvas for each one of the  ladies in our church, using their favorite colors and favorite bible verses. I then posted pictures of them on my personal Facebook page. After seeing my work, friends and family started encouraging me to sell my artwork and that's how it all began!  I love to create mixed media abstract paintings; often scripture and Christian music are inspirations for my paintings.  

3. Where can members find your creations on other social media venues? Facebook?  Pinterest? Twitter? Wanelo?

You can find me at:

I will have a website in the near future...

Let us know when you get the web site up, Sierra. Thanks for visiting with us today.


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  1. Beautiful work! My husband grew up in St Onge!! :)