Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday's News and Tips: Treasuries

I've been on Etsy for almost two years now and I find that the best exposure my shop gets is through treasuries. 

What is a Treasury?

"Treasuries an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery comprised of lists of items.
 These lists contain 16 items. Members can create a themed collection or feature their favorite items from all over Etsy." -- from What is a Treasury and How Do I Make One?
Treasury Courtesy Convos

After making a treasury, be sure to send out notices to everyone you included. Here is a article that Rita wrote in the discussion thread Shop Tips.

Treasury Courtesy Convos - by Rita Sullivan

A dear friend of mine said to me not too long ago, “If you want to get exposure for your shops participate in creating treasuries!”

Some of my creative works were featured here and there in treasuries, but not as often until I started creating treasuries and became a treasury curator on teams in which I am member. My friend was 100% right! I am still amazed that I have been featured in so many treasuries, for which I am humbly grateful! 

I discovered my listings were featured because of the Courtesy Convos I received from the treasury curators. Nothing quite like the warm fuzzy feelings that washed over me when checking my email and discovered a courtesy convo stating, “You’ve been treasured!” or “It’s treasury time!” These courtesy convos made my day!! 

I remember when I first came to Etsy. In 2009, treasury courtesy convos were sent to your inbox by the Etsy Admin because convos said, “ on behalf of Etsy Admin.” Today, those convos say, “ on behalf of Etsy Conversation” with the shop owner’s name at the top of the convo instead of Etsy Admin. This changed happened soon after “the activity feed” became popular. I am not sure the if this “courtesy shift” was communicated in the forums.

Recently, I paged down through the activity feed for my shop. About halfway through my scrolling, I noticed that I’d been featured in a treasury. I was ecstatic—went back to review both my emails and convos—none present for this particular treasury feature. Although elated, I also felt a bit deflated because the treasury feature was two days old! I commented and faved and hearted and promoted the treasury. I felt like I’d jumped on the band wagon a bit late as the crescendo of the musical had somewhat faded into the background. I can only assume the treasury curator thought the activity feed replaced the courtesy convo. 

The activity feed is a tool on Etsy, one which serves the great purpose of keeping you informed as to who faved your item or shop or another seller’s shop. And it also informs you of treasury featured items from your shop. 

However, I believe it is lacking in one area. Seeing a treasury feature from your shop in the activity feed does not have the same impact as reading a personal courtesy convo from the treasury curator! The activity feed will never replace the warm fuzzy feelings of that personal interaction with a treasury curator. Ah, I know, I’m a bit sentimental, but I do respond to every treasury courtesy convo. I never know when a friendship will develop as a result, which is also as much a part of Etsy as the Activity Feed and Circles. In closing… 

Create a treasury today,
Make a person’s day,
Feature someone new
Remember the clue.
Be quick - not slow
To send your Courtesy Convo!

CIC and Treasuries

The Create in Christ Team supports member treasuries. Every Tuesday and Thursday I post the ones I find in the discussion threads titled Post Your Member Treasuries = 2 CIC Members Featured and BLOCK PARTY 100 percent CIC Members. According to blog statistics, these posts are popular, so they are a great way to promote each other. 

CIC also has a fun game that involves treasuries. It is called the SWEET SIXTEEN TREASURY GAME. What happens is you sign up to enter the game  (detailed instructions are in the discussion thread). After 17 people sign up everyone makes a treasury featuring the other 16 people on the list. If everyone does a treasury, your shop will be featured 16 times in 16 different treasuries! It's a great way to get free advertising, promote your friends and promote our team. Come join in the fun. 

Have a great week!


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