Monday, April 1, 2013

Pastor crafts crosses to fund ministry

Today we are visiting with the Reverend Ted Wilkins of
Mesa, Arizona. Rev. Wilkins owns Cross Into Heaven Ministries on Etsy. Rev. Wilkins uses what he makes from Etsy to fund his ministry to senior citizens in rehabilitation centers and rest homes.

How did you find Etsy?
By referral.

When you began creating, how did it enrich your life? Do
you recall the inspiration for your first creation?

Yes, very much so I asked the Lord and he gave me the vision of a cross with his name on it. I have since given away as many as 1,000 crosses in the past two years. What a privilege.

It was cool to sell my first item on Etsy.  Etsy and other sites help take care of my ministry, or should I say the Lord's ministry.

Where can members find your creations on other social media venues? Facebook? Pinterest? Twitter? Wanelo?

What areas would you like to learn more about here on Etsy, such as photography, writing descriptions and listing titles, etc.?

Listing for better exposure


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